Welcome to William’s Read Across America website, I’m glad you found your way here.  You can find details about my Trans-America  solar bike trip, updated daily in my BLOG section, complete with HD videos, and also follow my progress using real time location tracking on the WHERE IS WILLIAM page.  Let me give you a little background on what this Solar Powered Educational Tour is all about, and then show you some ways that you can help participate if you want to.

Back in June, I thought, if I am going to cross the country in a solar powered vehicle, what a great opportunity to raise awareness of Environmental Conservation and Sustainability at the same time, so it dawned on me to try to stop at schools along the way and talk about my trip, my vehicle and current environmental challenges. Using my trip as a discussion point, I will host presentations for students and encourage the discussion of solutions to these challenges, with a strong focus on environmental stewardship. The message will be aimed at a target audience of 2nd to 8th graders across America, and will be framed around in school readings of environmental themed books, such as Curious George Plants a Tree, (for  younger audiences) as well as other similarly themed books more appropriate for the older audiences.

The publishing company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has generously donated enough books for me to give out at least 2 copies of Curious George Plants a Tree to each school I visit. This is a fantastic start!

The author Christine Petersen, who has written a series of educational resource books focusing on alternative energy, the environment and conservation, is working with her publisher, Scholastic, to make additional books available for 40% off the cover price to each school. You can support the purchase of these discounted books by making a Paypal donation by clicking here or going to the Sponsorship page. Paypal donations allow me to get the books at a better price than Amazon currently offers. Christine has an excellent website and blogs on environmental topics as well.

You can also support this project and buy books to donate right on my site. I have a section called
BOOKS with more of my recommendations and shipping instructions.

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If you are an author who has similar books that I could donate, please get in touch with me at william@solarroadtrip.com

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